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Leaf Blower Service
Farmers Feed and Seed and Diamondback Outfitters
311 N Main St
Kernersville, NC

Service Description

Check unit over. Replace the Air Filter, Pre Filter*, Fuel Filter(s)**, and Spark Plug if needed. Flush the fuel tank if needed. Adjust the valves if applicable***. Adjust the carburetor to the factory settings if needed. Adjust the throttle cable if applicable****. Test run unit.

Farmers Feed & Seed only repairs Stihl Blowers.

All Blower repairs performed by our Stihl Platinum Certified Technician.

Our cost is $34 labor minimum + parts and tax on regular 2-cycle blowers, $51 labor minimum + parts and tax on 4-Mix blowers.

All additional repairs/diagnostic time needed will result in additional labor, parts, and tax.

* Not all blowers are equipped with a pre filter.

** Some blowers are equipped with 2 fuel filters.

*** Not all blowers have valves to be adjusted.

**** Not all blowers have a throttle cable adjustment.